5 signs that she is interested in you

5 signs that she is interested in you

She likes me. She likes me not! Women are not easy to understand, so understanding, if they are interested in you or not, is not an easy job. But when women like somebody, they do give away certain indications so that the man understands that and approaches them. Today we will be talking about those signs.

1. Laughing at your every joke:


No matter how poor those jokes are, if she is laughing at them, means she is interested in you, not your jokes though.

2. Keeps Making Eye Contact:

It's a direct hint and you must understand it.

3. She Initiates Contact: 

She is missing your company, is there a better sign than this?

4. The blush:

It literally takes nothing for you to make her blush. She goes red in the face even if you just simply look at her and smile. It only means you must be doing something right.

5. Trying to know you:

 She kind of steers every conversation towards your personal life. That is an indication that she is interested to know you.


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