5 Things you never should do when you are with your girlfriend

5 Things you never should do when you are with your girlfriend

We all know that most of the girls are sensitive and their moods can swing within a second. I'm pretty sure you have faced similar situations too! Sometimes when something like this happens, you don't have the slightest idea why that happened. So today we are here to help you out and prepare you, so that you can avoid such situations.


1. Don't raise your voice:

Never ever do that unless you want to end up being single.



2. Don't join her when she is abusing her family:

No matter how mad she is on her family and cursing them. Do not! I again say, do not join in!



3. Do not involve a third person to solve your fight, specially any woman:

She can go to your friend and ask for help but you don't have the permission sir! Don't complain to her friends specially.



4. Don't ogle other girls when you are with her:

Now, thats a thing that needs no explanation. She might show that she does not mind it, but in reality, she has already killed you thrice in her mind.


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5. Don't give fashion advice:

"Do i look good in this?" thats not a question. She is asking you to say that yes babe you look great. Don't even try even if you are a fashion designer!



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